My Name is -

Apr 27, 2023

"my name is" is my personal original font design project, which started in 2014 and continues to this day. I deconstruct Chinese fonts by transforming different Chinese strokes into various English letters. Then, these letters are converted into Chinese radicals to form a completely new Chinese font. Through this creative process, it is possible to combine the elements to create unique Chinese characters. The same English letters can also be transformed into different styles by combining strokes. "my name is-" focuses on using names as the creative subject, where each completed Chinese character represents an English name.

In the process of creation, I chose to deconstruct the Chinese font "KaiTi." I selected this font because it is the most common and widely used font in our culture and society. KaiTi can be considered a distinctive font that represents Chinese culture. We can easily identify the cultural origin of a text by recognizing this font. Additionally, as a writing font, KaiTi has significant differences in font characteristics compared to Western writing styles. While Western writing emphasizes the fluency of strokes, Chinese KaiTi focuses more on the structure of characters and the balance between different strokes.